In 2017, Parma celebrated its 2,200th birthday!

On this happy occasion, we developed a tour aimed at discovering the remains and history of the Roman town of Iulia Augusta Parmensis.

Our journey through Parma and its ancient past will start from the archaeological site of the Roman bridge, with its exceptionally well-preserved structure and more than 200 objects found in the bed of the local river.
Then Piazza Garibaldi, the main square of Parma from Roman times to today.
Last but not least, the recent excavations under Piazza Duomo and the Diocesan Museum, which have uncovered a rich domus, many everyday objects and two beautiful mosaics testifying to the early spread of Christianity in the Emilian lands.

In addition to the guided tour, entrance tickets are 3€ per person for adults and 1€ per person for children and students.  


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Ph. Ludovico Casalone

Ph. Federico Meneghini

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