In the heart of Parma there's a place with a timeless charm: Palazzo Marchi, wonderful eighteenth-century building that will walk you through the many wonders of art and history of Parma, ducal capital during the reign of the Bourbons.

One of the highest expressions of the neoclassical ducal art, Palazzo Marchi is a triumph of formal purity and simmetry that give us an example of ideal architectural beauty.

Built in the 1770s, every inch of the Palace tells a story with roots so deep to take us straight to the heart of the european culture of the XVIII century.

After climbing the monumental staircase, on the main floor you'll find the most sumptuous area where the rooms talk about the artistic value of the Art Accademy of Parma, through the paintings and the prints by Petitot and Bossi and the amazing stucco decorations by Giocondo Albertolli.

Enter Palazzo Marchi and you'll leave with awe and wonder in your eyes.

The guided tour in English starts at 1 p.m. It is possibile to require a guided tour at a different time for the price of € 25.


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