Following Parma musical tradition we'll discover its origins and get to know its main performers and the locations of its staging.

The tour strats at Casa della Musica (the House of Music), the perfect place to tell the story of Parma musical tradition, then continues to the two main city theatres to discover their architecture, their fruition and their transformatin through the centuries. We'll cross the path of the Farnese family passing through the dutchess Maria Luigia and up to the composer Giuseppe Verdi.

An insight on the life of Giuseppe Verdi is available for those interested, upon request for an all-day  price quote. It includes the visit to Villa Verdi in Sant'Agata (PC), the house of the musician, where he lived and composed for many years in the company of his wife.


Tour with entrance fees:

Teatro Regio: 3€

Teatro Farnese: 10€; 8€ reduced for groups; 2€ aged 18-25; free for under 18

Villa Verdi (optional): 9€ adults; 7,50€ groups (min. 20) or over 65; 5€ schools and children aged 12-18


Sorry but there are no new dates available for this tour.

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