Through history men have always looked at water with respect, knowing its extreme power both phisical and sanatory. A great example of that is Salsomaggiore, a centre of salt extraction since the Iron Age and in which the culture of sanatory termal water is still deeply rooted.

The path of the Sacred Waters winds through the province of Parma, discovering the places where water meets its sanatory features: from the salt extraction systems in Salsomaggiore to the Baptistery of Parma with its baptismal font made of Verona marble, passing through the protohistoric Votive Basin of Noceto, Podere Stuard, a "farm" that is invested in enhancing the food products that make the Food Valley unique in its kind, and Parma Roman Bridge, recently reopened to the public and enhanced by an innovative exhibition project.



1- Salsomaggiore Thermal Baths and Salt Extraction Systems

2- Votive Basin of Noceto

3- Podere Stuard

4- Parma' Roman Bridge

5- Baptistery of Parma


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