An experiential path between natural oasis and water infrastructures. From the centre of Parma to San Polo d'Enza a journey to appreciate all the features of water: the sacredness of the Baptistery and the strenght of the mills on the Spelta channel, to discover the territory through a new point of view.

The experience begins in the undergrounds of Piazza Garibaldi, with the brand new path of the Fountains Gallery, the ancient city aqueduct built in the XIX century. It continues towards the Fishpond of the Ducal Park, meant for the "delights of the Dukes", to reach the Filtering Galleries of Marano, back in the underground, and the wonderful Oasis of Cronovilla, shelter for the migratory birds, 60 hectares surrounded by the torrents Enza and Termina and the Spelta channel.


1- Fountains Gallery

2- Baptistery of Parma

3- Parma' Roman Bridge

4- Fishpond of the Ducal Park

5- Podere Stuard

6- Filtering Galleries of Marano

7- Oasis of Cronovilla

8- Spelta Channel


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