The archaeology and history of the Parma area show the signs of the strong bond our territory has with water.

This itinerary takes you, in its first stop, to the centre of Parma and precisely under Piazza Garibaldi, where the entrance of the Fountains Gallery is, a brand new visit route that allows you to see the Farnese aqueduct, built in 1570.

When you resurface, the itinerary leads you on an immersion in the history of our territory: Parma' Roman Bridge, recently reopened to the public and enhanced by an innovative exhibition project; the Castle of Felino, military stronghold and nerve centre of the Rossi domains between '300 and '400; then the Carrega Woods that hide ancient hunting lodges, up to the Podere Stuard, a "farm" that is invested in enhancing the food products that make the Food Valley unique in its kind.



1- Fountains Gallery

2- Parma' Roman Bridge

3- Roman Aqueduct

4- Castle of Felino

5- Carrega Woods

6- Votive Basin of Noceto

7- Channel of the Nave - Bridge of the Sadino

8- Podere Stuard


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