Everyday we consume various foods, but we rarely stop to think where they come from, how they were born or what makes some of those products (such as the Parma Ham or the Parmesan Cheese) better than others.

This itinerary starts from a Parmesan cheese factory and then retraces the places in which water has the main role in the making of excellent foods, or becomes sustenance for historical places like the Torrechiara Castle, which dominates the surroundings with its wonderfully painted halls. We walk down the chain of small producers, who over time have changed the landscape around them, and continue to "transform" water into the agrofood richness that distinguishes our territory, as you can see at Podere Stuard, Parma's "farm". An example of this close man-environment-landscape relation is the production area of the Parmesan, rich in forage with a special lactic flora that only lives in our territory.



1- Parmigiano Reggiano Production Plant

2- Abbey of Fontevivo

3- Votive Basin of Noceto

4- Podere Stuard

5- Torrechiara Castle

6- Museum of the Parma Ham

7- Farm - Parmigiano Reggiano Landscape


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