The activity is adressed to schools, and it's held in the amazing natural context of Lagdei, main naturalistic place of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park.

The ortienteering is a particular sport with a specific path to follow, carachterized by some control points, your kit will be just a compass and a very detailed map.
The choice of the route and the ability to navigate in a new natural place are the main features of this activity.

In the morning an interesting excursion along the paths of the Park is planned.


Orienteering at school
Orienteering, thanks to its educational method, has a very strong formative value: it encourages students to manage themself, their minds and actions. Different teaching situations are offered by a natural synthesis between the project and the practice.

The amount is 190€ for class, possibility to porpose the activity for two classes who will alternate the two activities.


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