The Parma Morta Natural river park is an unexpected wild area out of Parma city.
Here you can see where the torrent Parma ends his flow to meet the Po, the biggest Italian river.

We'll also experience birdwatching, thanks to the possibility to hide ourselves into the shelters used for the naturalistic photography.

The story of the Parma torrent is quite strange, it has changed its flow many times in the past, the result is this unusual Natural Reserve with different habitats: ancient and mostly disappeared oak woods that covered the Po valley in the past, amazing hidden corners that seem created for natural landscape photography, wild animals that live close to the city but completely unaware about human presence. I planned for you the easy trekking experience to discover all the diamonds hidden here in the Natural part of Parma city!

We'll walk along the estuary of the Parma torrent, just before it meets the Po river, in the Natural Park of Parma Morta.


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Ph. Lorenzo Cattani

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